MNSK will work with you to determine the facts, evaluate the key issues and produce a strategy to resolve your dispute.

MNSK advises on the financial and valuation aspects of claims, helps you through the dispute resolution process and provides independent expert evidence for trial. We work on a range of disputes including litigation, arbitration, mediation, expert determination and regulatory matters.

We will also work with you and your legal team throughout the process and provide advice on the financial and commercial issues.


Our Expertise


Transaction and shareholder disputes

MNSK will help with earn out claims, breach of warranty and indemnity claims, valuation of a minority shareholding in a shareholder dispute etc.

Insurance claims services

MNSK can help you: 

  • Value your losses

  • Put together preliminary claims information
  • Create a plan to mitigate damages and allow you to resume business quickly
  • Track expenses incurred in minimising business interruption and calculate loss of profits
  • Collate information required for an early payment by insurers and advise on the tax consequences

  • Act as an independent expert if required for Court proceedings


Matrimonial Disputes

MNSK can help you:

  • Investigate the financial aspects of marital disputes, from asset identification and tracing, through to valuations, liquidity and tax
  • Negotiate a quick and favourable financial settlement in your favour
  • Act as an expert to provide independent evidence so that the parties can reach a settlement

Financial Crime

In the current economic climate, fraudulent and accounting irregularities are common.

If you become aware of any fraud, it is crucial that you take immediate action immediately to minimise financial and repetitional damage and maximise the chances of identifying the culprit.

MNSK provides an independent investigation service, which will:

  • Assist you to assess the situation
  • Help trace and locate key financial records
  • Assist in collating evidence
  • Assist in the recovery of misappropriated funds and mitigate losses





Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA)

MNSK is instructed by defendants convicted of a crime and who have been served with a confiscation order under POCA.

MNSK will review the report prepared by the Crown Prosecution Service, which usually states that the defendant has benefited from a Criminal Lifestyle. The Crown Prosecution Service will look to recover the alleged benefit from the defendant's known assets.

MNSK will vigorously examine the Prosecution's report and identify any legitimate income that has been incorrectly included.  Defendants are often left astounded at the level of money claimed.  We will review the evidence that is provided concerning the Defendant's assets and make the necessary adjustments.

Our reports include a detailed examination of the Defendant’s financial records in a clear and precise format.  MNSK’s involvement almost inevitably results in a substantial reduction in the original amount alleged by the Crown Prosecution Service.